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Mafia Island!

Welcome to Mafia Island and, especially, to Kinasi. This note is intended to provide you with some information on Mafia, the islands in its archipelago and offer suggestions for activities, and to familiarise you with our facilities and services. Please keep it and take a few minutes to read it.
CHOLE BAY - a brief orientation
Kinasi faces to the south-east. Looking out from Kinasi you will see Chole Island in the left foreground, with Juani island behind - separated by a narrow channel that is not visible, and Jibondo island in the distance, to the right of Juani. You can see the geography of the Bay and disposition of the islands on our map next to the Cocktail Bar. The Admiralty Map at Reception covers Mafia and a larger area of the Tanzanian coastline. Chole Bay and the outer reefs from Kifinge (Forbes Bay) in the north-east to Kitutia in the south and Ras Kisimani and Bwejuu island in the west are now encompassed by the Mafia Island Marine Park, gazetted in 1995.
The beach at Kinasi is tidal so check the tide tables in the Cocktail Bar for best swimming times. Swimming is possible at all times at Utende Beach, about 400 metres from Kinasi along the foreshore.
Getting to Mafia
 Getting to Mafia used to be a difficult exercise, but not any longer, as there are quite a number of scheduled flights flying into and out of Mafia every day. Coastal Aviation, ZanAir, Precision Air and - if you are our guest - Kinasi's private airplanes - which do not operate on a scheduled basis but can fly at any time except after 1830 and before 0630 hrs. We meet our guests directly from their incoming aircraft connection or collect them from Zanzibar or the Selous direct to Mafia; and we usually deliver our guests right to the door of their internatiional flight in dar es Salaam when leaving, even if it is a very early departure.
Kinasi Lodge transfers clients from Dar es Salaam, Zanzibar and the Selous Game Reserve. The flight by Cessna takes only 45 minutes from Dar es Salaam and one hour from Zanzibar or the Selous.


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